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Year 10 – Art Deco Clock Project 1 and Contain Project 2: 

Unfortunately, a number of students were off and unable to get their folders to complete any work. However, students can start to annotate the work they have completed in their sketchbooks (they should be able to remember what is in their sketchbooks in order to add annotation). There are a set of questions on the website to help annotate their patterns and artist pages. 

If students did manage to take their sketchbooks home they can complete their 6 ideas of their art deco clocks (if students who did not take their sketchbooks home but still have access to art paper and materials they can also do this). Students can also make models of their ideas to see how they would look 3D. You can use card, cereal boxes or whatever you have available to make some models. Go to youtube to get some ideas, here are a few examples of how to make some models (ignore that they are lights, etc you can still turn them into a clock!)  (if you use these youtube clips remember your own pattern designs and artists to add influence to them).

Over the next coming weeks work will be added for their second project titles ‘contain’. Students will carry out the research for their second project (please keep checking this section of the website to access the new project).

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