Care Respect Inspire

Pensby Passport

The Pensby Passport is designed to help you, as a student, demonstrate the values of the C.R.I Programme we complete in our pastoral time, this links to our school motto of Care, Respect, Inspire.

The Passport is a range of activities that you can undertake throughout your time at Pensby to show that you are participating in the C.R.I. Programme, these activities are a mix of ones that are provided by school, and suggested ones for you to organise and arrange yourself. However, every activity requires you to actively take part in the Passport.

We have based the activities around our six core school values that students at Pensby will develop during their time at the school. They will enrich your life and help you to demonstrate to colleges, universities and employers in the future, that you have the skills to be a real asset to them. So, what are the six values?

Care – Independence and Resilience
Respect – Pride and Attitude
Inspire – Confidence and Aspiration

The Passport will run from Year 7 to Year 10 and you will be encouraged to complete as many tasks as possible. You will then be given a level depending on how many activities you have completed across the 4 years.

Bronze – 15 Tasks
Silver – 25 Tasks
Gold – 35 Tasks
Platinum – 45 Tasks

You will have to show evidence to your form tutor of achievement of the tasks within each area. Evidence can include: A photograph of you taking part, a review from the leader of the activity, data to show your participation.  It will be recorded on your Pensby Passport Booklet which is kept in form. At the end of each year you can review your progress and plan for the next year. At the end of the programme you will have achieved a level outlined above and participate in the celebration event.

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