Care Respect Inspire

Ethos and Culture

The CRI Programme (Care, Respect, Inspire) 

The Pensby Ethos and Culture Programme is based on our motto of: Care, Respect and Inspire with six key values that flow from the motto: these are Attitude, Resilience, Independence, Confidence, Pride and Aspiration.   

Each half term we focus on one of these core values and run key-stage-specific form assemblies. Form tutors talk to their students about these values with discussions in form time based not solely on the value of the term, but also on the understanding that all the values are interlinked and overlap. Teachers can award Class Charts points based on these values for students who demonstrate them. 

Term 5  PRIDE 

The Pensby Passport consists of 60 activities, that students have opportunities to do during their five years at school, which help them to show evidence of how they are developing the core values of the CRI programme.  Form tutors support their classes to log evidence of this, although students are responsible for their own passport.  

Our hope for our students is it that, alongside achieving the best academic results they can, they will leave us having gained experience and evidence of their skills as a whole person that support their next steps as well as becoming more engaged citizens, contributing to their community and helping others.   

At Pensby, our students are expected to aim high, be independent and demonstrate willingness to work hard in order to live up to our values and be someone who cares, respects and inspires

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