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During year 9 students cover the following topics:

  • Daily Routine
  • What you can do in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville 
  • Talking about future holiday plans
  • Describing what I did last weekend
  • Saying what I am going to do next weekend
  • Describing holidays in three tenses: what I normally do on holiday, did last year and am going to do this summer.
  • Healthy living: what I should do and shouldn’t do to have a healthy lifestyle and describing what I did, do and am going to do to live a healthy lifestyle. 

The Language Gym is an excellent way for students to revise key vocabulary as well as to practise conjugating verbs into diffferent tenses.

We also encourage students to actively revise the vocabulary and grammar on their Sentence Builders by self-quizzing and making flashcards.

Summer Revision:

Other materials:

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