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Behaviour and Rewards

Reward System

The reward system used at the school is to encourage positive behaviour, academic commitment and progress.  There is a more formal process as per below, however, we also use a series of more ad hoc rewards to catch students being good.  Chocolate for students in every form on a Friday, positive reward trackers, chocolate as an instant thank you, postcards/emails home.

Students must display positive behaviour which will be identified by all staff at any occasion throughout the school day, whether that be in the classroom, in the corridors during the transition between lessons, breaks and lunches or in extracurricular activities. The positive behaviour will be tracked using Class Charts positive points. There is no limited to the amount of positive points staff can reward and the reasoning for the reward can be stipulated on Class Charts.

The rewards for students will be available on a half term and termly basis and can be seen in the below table:

OccurrenceHow to achieve the rewardThe reward
Every Half TermTop two students with the highest amount of positive points per form.A queue jump at lunch OR break time for a full week
Every TermThe students with the highest amount of positive points per year group.A 6 months subscription to Netflix
Every TermThe students who have made the most progress per formA voucher for a free pizza in the canteen.

Students need to display behaviour such as:

  • Increased effort
  • Good participation
  • Positive attitude
  • Improved attainment
  • Citizenship
  • Improved behaviour
  • Positive behaviour outside of school.

In addition, students are also awarded school badges and certificates depending on how Class Charts points are accumulated:

SILVER  50  
GOLD  100  
RUBY  150  
EMERALD  300  
DIAMOND  400  

Merits are also awarded for attendance:


The points system does not prevent the recognition of achievements in other ways; teachers and departments may wish to send home postcards or make phone calls home to praise students in addition to awarding points. In addition, both KS3 and KS4 students have an awards afternoon and evening respectively when students receive awards from subject areas for attainment and commitment.

Parental Access to Sanctions and Rewards Information

Parents and Carers will be provided with a password so that they are able to access the Class Charts system to view their child’s rewards and sanctions.


It is the responsibility of Subject Leaders to discuss the implementation of the procedure on a regular basis in departmental meetings, in order to ensure that it is uniformly applied. This should focus on both rewards and sanctions. Subject Leaders are able to gain an overview and breakdown of the use of rewards and sanctions through Class Charts.

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