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British Values, Vision, Ethos and Aims

British Values

As a school we set a great store by what we understand ‘British Values’ to mean:

  • Rule of law
  • Democracy
  • Mutual respect
  • Individual liberty
  • And above all else, tolerance and celebration of the differences that make us human.

We are a multi-faith, multi-cultural school and we represent the changing nature of our society:  we are proud of all of our community and the part that each and every one of us has in promoting our values.  In effect we run to one simple maxim: treat others as you yourself wish to be treated!

We will act to uphold the values we celebrate, and take an active role in engaging and challenging our community where necessary.  We aim to prepare our students for an active role in society as adults by:

Reinforcing the importance of the rule of law. We worked with both students and parents in developing the latest version of our Behaviour Policy and we are clear that as a community we exist to serve each other. For this to happen in a fair and equitable way there has to be a clear and consistent framework.  Rules are clear and applied consistently and fairly, our actions are explained, and views of others are sought.  We are clear in all our work that each are of us are accountable for our own actions.  This is reinforced throughout the curriculum and wider life of the school, PSHE, philosophy and ethics (RE) and where appropriate throughout the curriculum.

The democratic process is demonstrated in elections for form representatives, student council and elections within the Sixth Form for Head Boy and Girl.  Key moments such as the referendum on membership of the EU and General Elections are always a focus for assemblies and form time, with further discussion on the role and nature of democracy within the curriculum most notably in History, Citizenship and Philosophy and Ethics.

Mutual respect is integral to everything we do within our community; we are inclusive and open to all.  Staff and students treat each other with respect and this is evident throughout the school.  Great store is set upon how students conduct themselves with any visitors or visits outside of school and students from Pensby High School are unfailingly polite and respectful to all.  Behaviour for behaviour’s sake is not the important thing, what is important is the sense that we treat others fairly and with respect, so that we create the conditions where others in turn treat us fairly and with respect.   With an example being the Memorial for the fallen of the First World War and the Holocaust which were student-led projects and this garden now lies at the front of the school as a memorial, but also a sign of hope and faith and the need for tolerance and respect for all.

Students in our community act as individuals and although we guide choices, we don’t stifle free thought. Students are encouraged to ask why, to seek the knowledge to make informed choices and to keep themselves safe.  Students are able to ask difficult questions and are safe to do so in a tolerant, secure and supportive environment.  Students are able to be themselves however, that might look in terms of gender, sexuality, religion or any other of the myriad of ways that individuality can be shown. We do have a robust and very clear behaviour and rewards system, the framework and choices for students are carefully explained.  Students act as peer mentors in a variety of roles, supporting choices around alcohol right through to peer reading as they provide role models for younger students to help aid their positive choices.

The school takes its role in supporting tolerance very seriously.  We recognise that our local community does not always represent modern Britain and so we seek to ensure that all of our students have access to wider opportunities.  For example, all students have traditionally visited a mosque and synagogue, rewards trips including trips to Wembley to see England play football, but also Twickenham to see Rugby Union international games that very few of our students would associate themselves with.  Students are leading in our continuing work with Stonewall and are championing diversity in all forms, whilst in the curriculum texts are chosen in English to represent the wider nature of society, Drama challenges preconceptions with work on mental health and abuse, and subjects such as History and Psychology provide students with the skills to debate and challenge, with Science demonstrating how equal we really all are.  Assemblies and PSHE regularly focus on big moral issues and the opportunities we have in living in Britain such as, a free press; National Health Service etc., the benefits of living in a free and open society.

Fundamentally, we expect all members of our community to treat others as they themselves wish to be treated.

More than anything else we try to ask our students what they can do to make things better:  in their own learning, within school and through projects such as shoe boxes at Christmas and collections for food banks.  We are a community, but we sit as a part of a wider community and we are proud to represent somewhat old fashioned traditional values – we care about every student and every member of our community.

Vision, Ethos and Aims

At Pensby High School we aim to be the community school of choice for all local children and beyond.  We are focused on developing a culture of innovation and challenge for all our staff and students.  One in which high quality teaching and learning leads to a culture where all our pupils achieve their potential and leave our school ready for further education, training or employment. Where a student’s academic success is assured and wider learning opportunities are celebrated alongside all the diversity that makes Britain ‘Great’ in the 21st Century.

Our school is a safe, caring environment where every pupil is valued, challenged and motivated to be the best they can be.  Core values such as tolerance, care and respect are central to our view of how we inspire individuals to their own personal success, and develop the contribution each of us makes to our school and community.

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