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Parents Evening

Parents’ Evening is one of the most important dates in the school calendar, allowing teachers and parents to work together to improve students’ progress.

Parents’ Evenings often follow the issuing of a Monitoring Report or a Full Written Report and so teachers can take the opportunity to give further feedback on progress being made. The main focus of Parents’ Evening will be:

  • What is going well
  • Next steps for improvement / Even better if ….

All Parents’ Evenings are back in school in person. As parents / carers, you are able to book appointments via our online booking system; this allows you to choose your own appointment times. You will be notified when Parents’ Evening for your child’s year group is coming up and told when booking opens. The link below is where to go to book appointments:

There are no passwords to login instead you enter your name and email address, your child’s name, and their date of birth. You will need to book slots with the teachers you want to see, appointments are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Whilst we appreciate the difficulty, parents who are separated need to only book one appointment with each member of staff as appointment slots are very limited. Each appointment will last 5 minutes, parents are asked to leave 5 minutes between appointments to allow for travel to the various venues.

The dates for 2023-24 are below:

Year 7 – Thursday 19 October 2023 (Form Tutor Evening) & Thursday 16th May 2024 (Parents Evening)
Year 8 – Thursday 25 April 2024
Year 9 – Thursday 30 November 2023
Year 10 – Thursday 2 May 2024
Year 11 – Thursday 28 September 2023 & Thursday 15 February 2024

We have attached a map below of where all subjects can be found on the evening to support parents in organising their appointments. Please remember that the venues span the length of the main corridor and you will need to leave time between appointments or try to arrange your appointments venue by venue.

Any queries please contact the school office via



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