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There are 4 areas for students to look at and documents attached below:

  1. Performing: GCSE Music Performing Homework – It is crucial that students practice their instrument or voice daily and continue working on their solo pieces – that have been set in conjunction with their vocal/instrumental teacher. Students must also continue to practice their parts for their group pieces. Students must aim for a minimum of 30 minutes practice on their chosen instrument or voice per day.
  2. Theory of Music: Music Theory Homework Booklet. There are two different booklets which students can work through gradually between now and the summer holiday. Students can go online to research anything that they are unsure of or to find clearer explanations. These two documents are ‘Music Theory Homework Booklet’ and Music Theory Homework Booklet C1′.
  3. Listening: In here, you will find a variety of documents. Students must read, digest and revise all of these documents. Please get family members to test you regularly to see what you have managed to retain. There is also a Music GCSE Revision Overview – which contains various other exercises and tasks to do on a regular basis.
  4. Composition: Students unfortunately no longer have access to ‘Sibelius’ composition notation software or their actual composition coursework. However, if students have access to either a keyboard/piano or guitar, they can create sets of 8 bar chords that work well together. Possibly a verse in C major and a chorus in A minor. Additionally, vocalists can create some melodies or tunes of their own, which can be recorded on a phone, so that they are not forgotten. All students can research lyrics of existing songs and then create at least 2 sets of their own original lyrics – multiple verses and a chorus for at least 2 compositions. These can then be adapted and transferred onto their existing songs when normal schooling resumes.
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