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Educake is the online homework and revision system for secondary schools that is used by the English Department at Pensby High School. It can be used on a PC, tablet or smartphone by going to Teachers will set homework via Educake, but students can also set themselves tests for more practice. Every question is auto-marked, and students get instant feedback.

A study at one school that uses Educake and found that students who answered more than 500 questions in Educake achieved higher GCSE scores than expected.

Here are a couple things to note as Educake questions might be different from paper homeworks:

  • Small spelling mistakes are okay. For most questions in Educake, answers can have up to two letters wrong and it’ll still be accepted. If your answers are spelled too differently from the correct answer though, you won’t get the mark.
  • Educake questions have one-word answers.

Homework will be set every Thursday and will be due the following Thursday. It might not be set by their class teacher; it might be set by another member of the department.

Teachers will provide pupils with their username and passwords.  If there are any problems, pupils should speak to a member of the English department.

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