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Student Leadership

School Leadership at Pensby High School 

At Pensby High School we believe that student leadership is a powerful driving force that develops our pupil’s ability to achieve in the working world. Through empowering our pupils in leadership roles, we can embed qualities that will lead to their successes in the future and develop them into well-rounded members of our community. 

Alongside developing pupils’ leadership skills in problem-solving, team building, working as an individual, supporting their peers, and empowering their own dreams and aspirations. We also believe that leadership can further embody our vision and ethos for the school and our community with the demonstration of our values: Care, Respect and Inspire

Our leadership programmes seek to nurture and     develop pupil potential through student-centred   and student-led opportunities, guided through mentorship, education, and experience.                       

School leadership can be seen in every year group and across the curriculum through the various leadership programmes:                  

* All years – Form Captains are nominated by their peers to represent their form.                                        

* All years – Student Council representatives discuss key issues and pupils learn to communicate, con-verse and persuade with their peers. Pensby High School is a member of the Student Schools Council in which we discuss key events in the news, our lives, and our community.

* All years – SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) Champions are student representatives for special educational needs and disabilities across the school. At the current time, we have ten SEND Champions and we are currently recruiting new year 7 pupils. The SEND Champions are working closely alongside the SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co Ordinator) to help improve the outcomes of the students with SEND.                                                                                                                             

   * All years – Subject Leaders are found across the curriculum and often mentor younger peers in developing knowledge and skills. For instance:  

STEM Club includes year 11 pupils guiding our younger students on how to learn through experiments. Pupils need to predict, then practice and use reasoning skills to explore the outcomes.  

How do I get involved in student leadership?

Ask your Head of Year for any ideas on how to get involved.

History Club have prefects using their leadership skills with KS3 students. Year 11 leaders ask about what they are reading, will link learning to the curriculum, lead activities and help run weekly sessions. 

Spanish Language Leaders enables students the opportunities to develop leadership skills through organising events for other students learning Spanish. This includes organising competitions and quizzes, teaching others how to give opinions in Spanish through food tasting events, as well as running a homework support club. We hope to run our main event: The Jornada Española this year, inviting a year group from one of our local primary schools to learn Spanish by visiting a carousel of stalls, each run by two leaders, who will have produced a fun activity to teach our young visitors some Spanish or about an aspect of Spanish culture. 

  • Key Stage 4 Leadership 

* Prefects are chosen through a rigorous application process considering numerous qualities that represent our school. Being chosen to be a prefect is a great honour for those chosen and they fulfil several roles throughout the year, including Open Evening guided tours and duties. * Head Boy/Girl reflects five years embodying the Pensby values of Care, Respect and Inspire. The successful students are put through a rigorous application and interview process and will support the school in sharing and delivering the schools core values.

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