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Maths Core revision lists below:

Dr. Frost Code
Reflect 2D shapes153
Plot & draw straight line graphs267
Expand single brackets252
Solve equations254
Calculate fractions of amounts57
Convert between currencies177
Calculate the mean132
Find percentages of amounts130
Use alternate and corresponding angles262
Interior angles of polygons261
Interpret pie-charts131
Calculate areas of circles210
Calculate area of a trapezium184

Dr. Frost Code
Calculate with lengths of time61
List combinations and permutations380
Link fractions with ratios224
Conversion graph178
Multiply by a fraction119
Determine which points lie on a straight line268
Increase by a percentage215
Interpret  a scatter graph244
Find the range207
Compare two distributions207
Sketch straight line graph271
Use the laws of indices158
Multiply numbers given in standard form304
Calculate the area of a semi-circle211
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