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Key Stage 4 Curriculum Plan – Specification code: J837 Enterprise and Marketing

Students will experience business studies from an entrepreneur point of view and will undertake the OCR Cambridge Nationals in ‘Enterprise and Marketing’.  There are 3 mandatory units students must complete which are delivered over 2 years with an exam at the end of year 11.  

Topics of study include Unit R067-Enterprise and Marketing concepts (this is the exam unit with 10 multiple choice questions and the rest is context-based questions), Unit R068-Design a business proposal and Unit R069-Make and pitch a business proposal.  Each unit has ‘Performance Objectives’ (POs) and are given in the 2nd table below.  A specification of the course can also be found here for your perusal: Cambridge Nationals – Enterprise and Marketing


Each Cambridge National qualification has related ‘Performance Objectives’.  There are four to achieve:

Performance Objectives (POs)
PO1Recall knowledge and show understanding of enterprise and marketing concepts
PO2Apply knowledge and understanding of enterprise and marketing concepts
PO3Analyse and evaluate knowledge, understanding and performance
PO4Demonstrate and apply skills and processes relevant to enterprise and marketing

Each unit also contains a breakdown of topic areas to be delivered to help students achieve a percentage of each performance objective in each unit.


Unit No. & POsUnit Title with: Topic Areas (TAs)  Unit Ref No.Guided Learning Hours (GLH)Assessment typeMandatory or Optional
R067 (Exam) PO1, PO2, PO3Enterprise and marketing concepts TA1 – Characteristics, risk and reward. TA2 – Market research specific targeting TA3 – What makes a product financially viable TA4 – Create a Marketing mix TA5 – Factors to consider starting/maintaining an enterpriseR/618/587748  EM
R068 (Non-Exam) PO2, PO3, PO4Design a business proposal TA1 – Market Research TA2 – How to identify a customer profile TA3 – Develop a product proposal TA4 – Review if proposal is financially viable TA5 – Review the likely success of the proposalR/618/587736NEAM
R069 (Non-Exam) PO2, PO3, PO4Marketing and pitch a business proposal TA1 – Develop a brand identity with a specific target audience TA2 – Create a promotional campaign for a brand and product TA3 – Plan and pitch a proposal TA4 – Review all the 3 TA’s aboveD/618/587936NEAM
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