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Sparxmaths is an online homework and revision system used by the mathematics  department at Pensby High School. It can be used on a PC, tablet or smartphone by going to Teachers will set homework, but students can access any task on any topic for more practice. Every question is auto-marked, and students get instant feedback. However, here are some important notes:

  • The homework is designed to take an hour each week. Students can complete the homework in one go, or complete it over several nights.
  • Students are encouraged to watch the online videos before they start the task.
  • Students are also given a notebook to write down their answers, as well as type them in. This is important as the website will occasionally ask students to re-type a previous answer before they can continue with the homework. This prevents students from just rushing through a homework.
  • It is also important that students complete the homework independently. After the first few tasks the software will roughly ascertain the student’s ability. For future homework tasks it will then select questions that are more closely matched with their ability.
  • Homework will be set every Thursday and will be due the following Thursday. It might not be set by their class teacher; it might be set by another member of the department.
  • Students generate their own password & username when they first log on. They should write it down in their homework planner.

Research shows that over 1 year, students who use the videos and complete their weekly homework will improve their predicted GCSE grade by around a third of a grade.

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