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Design Technology

Year 7 – Design a Jigsaw/Extended Homework:

Below students will find a blank booklet that they have been working on throughout the year. They can either print this out or use plain paper and pencils and then their work can be stapled into their own work books on return to school. Students are to complete the design work for the second project ‘Jigsaw’. There is a template file for students to choose from and then copy/trace their favourite animal onto the plain paper/booklet section ‘ideas’. They will need to section their jigsaw into pieces and number them. Finally they will need to add shading. They can then make a model (out of card or any materials thick enough to make a model – recycle a cereal box or other box if necessary!) and cut the sections to see that their jigsaw work. When finished evaluate your final jigsaw. The booklet explains everything.

Once they have completed this students will complete the extended homework (design and make an insect)/Extension Tasks Sheet. The sheet below again explains what to do.

Over the next weeks some exam revision for students to revise will be added, and then the exam will also be added for students to complete at home and then self assess.  

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