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Computer Science/ICT

For year 7-9 

Most relevant content is on TEAMS

On this page are resources to follow:

Go to this website and click on ‘years 6-8’ and work through the activities. Most activities work on various platforms ( most browsers, Android Tablets, ipads, Android phones and iphones) it will specify this when you click on the activity.  The activities include easy to follow tutorials during each step. If you are feeling brave – Go for the Grades 9+

Pupils could also go onto the website below and sign up for free. They can do Python/HTML amongst other tasks (basically anything that doesn’t have PRO at the front of the name is free to use and also has useful tutorials)

Year 7

The BBC Bitesize website has great resources for both ICT and Computer Science. Pupils should read the theory content (Some sections have video clips too which are helpful) and then attempt the tests.

ICT section

Computer Science section

Year 8 & 9 (including Computing Science groups)

These Python resources include video tutorials and exercise. This will help to recap areas covered already in class as well as introducing new topics which are essential in both year 8 & 9. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD PYTHON FREE, just type ‘free python download’ into your search engine and follow the instructions.

Video index

Click on the ‘Video Index’ link at the top of the page. Here you will find various video tutorial lessons. You can pause, re-start and work at your pace.

Exercise Index

Click on the ‘Exercise Index’ link at the top of the page. Here you will find various exercises that follow the video tutorials. These exercises are currently being updated throughout the coming weeks.

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