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Child Development

Year 10 pupils Cambridge National in child development level 1/2

Pupils in year 10 will be completing work on the examination unit during the school closure as the portfolio units require tasks to be completed either with the class teacher so that witness statements are made, or by observing and interacting with young children both of which cannot be completed in the current situation.

Tasks will be set which will follow the syllabus for unit R018 for this specification.  The pupils have already covered the basic knowledge for all of this unit in year 9, so the tasks will concentrate on consolidating their knowledge through retrieval tasks and past paper questions.

Task 1 was sent out to the pupils via their email on Monday 23rd March.  This should be completed by Monday 20th April.  Tasks will also be here on the school website.  If pupils have not received an email or need any support they can email:

Task 2 was sent out to the pupils via their email on Monday 20th April. Below are 2 tests to see how much knowledge you have recalled on the areas you have studied over the last couple of weeks. They are word documents so you should be able to add your answers electronically and email back: or just a list of answers is fine.

Both tests are due by email back to me by Monday 27th April 2020.

Can you please watch a programme which starts this week on BBC 1 called “Life and birth” which starts on Tuesday 21st April at 8pm.  Not sure exactly how good it will be but it could help with our studies?  It will also be on iplayer later in the week.

Task 3 w/b 27th April 2020

This week’s work is a power point below, it is a menu so that you can pick what questions you want to answer!! The deadline is Monday 4th May 2020.

Any problems email me on

Task 4 w/b 4th May 2020

Due Monday 11th May 2020. See below for the PDF.

Task 5 w/b 11th May 2020

This task this week is some reading and then questions.

A worksheet is below all about diet during and straight after pregnancy as obviously it is different to normal diet!  At the top of the sheet are some websites to checkout and then answer the questions in full sentences please.

You need to send me your answers either type straight onto the sheet, do the answers separate or print it, write in the answers then send me a photo.

Further Work:

All work is now being set on google classroom for the pupils to access and send work to.  The code is pwkgvxg.

Any problems please email Mrs Theobald on

Further information of the specification can be found at:

Good websites for pupils to access for further learning for this course are listed below, pupils need to spend time watching/researching these to help with their examination unit and also their portfolio units on their return to school:

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