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Family Advocate

Family Advocate at Pensby High School

Diane Challinor

Diane’s background is in education and advocacy.  She is also a qualified and experienced mediator.

Diane joined the school in 2020 to act as an added layer of support for families, supporting the families of students at the school in numerous ways.

A parent/carer can contact Diane for advice support or information on issues they may feel they have with the school or indeed wider educational issues. Diane draws on the counselling and partnership training she has undertaken to provide both challenge and support to school and families.

Examples of where support has been taken up include parents of teenagers whose behaviour is causing concern at school and/or home by referring them to services who can offer support and by attending courses they can achieve better understanding. With the aim of these arrangments to provide an appreciate that there are other families experiencing the same difficulties and provide practical tips and solutions.  Diane can also signpost families to benefit advice, accessing food supplies and general support from the third sector when the family may be struggling. 

It may be a single issue that can be easily resolved or more complex that then will require support from several outside services over a more extended period.  On Wirral the local authority has categorised any additional support a student or family may need as ‘Early Help’.  This means Diane can refer or signpost a family to other services or indeed just advise.

Diane can be a first port of call for any parent trying to navigate the system or advocate with other members of staff, including the Headteacher.

Diane can also work directly with a student and identify a course that may enhance their own understanding with regards to their own behaviours and self-management. Many families have already benefited from courses they have attended either online or in person.

Safeguarding, maintaining a high level of confidentiality and always maintaining the boundaries of equality, diversity and empowerment is at the heart of my working practice. Diane works in partnership with families and school with a view to achieving best possible outcomes for the families and their children.

Please do not hesitate to contact Diane, even if you are not sure. It is always better to talk through a potential issue sooner rather than later. 

Contact tel:- 0151 342 0570 Ext:224


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