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During year 7 students cover the following topics: 

  • Getting to know Spain, simple greetings and introductions. 
  • Spanish phonics and pronunciation. 
  • Talking about myself: name, age, birthday (with numbers and months), where I live, how I am feeling. 
  • Talking about my family and friends: their names and ages and how I get along with them all. (None of this has to be true!). 

    Giving opinions of songs, hobbies etc. 
  • Saying what pets I have and would like to have or not.  
  • Reading and writing about pets and animals from the Hispanic world. 


    The Language Gym is an excellent way for students to revise key vocabulary as well as to practise grammatical points. 


We also encourage students to actively revise the vocabulary and grammar on their sentence builders by making flashcards and doing regular written self – quizzing. 


Other Materials:

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