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Hello all Year 10 from Mr Rice and Mrs Robins!

Below you will find the worksheets for your Enterprise coursework. These are exactly the same as the ones that have been emailed to you from Mrs Robins and you can email her your finished tasks anytime, as well as ask for help that way too! 

There are also some examples of the standard of work expected using the links under each coursework here.

We are aiming to have up to LO3 and LO4 of coursework 1, and LO1 and LO2 of coursework 2 finished by July 2020.

Thank you 

Mrs Robins

Mr Rice

Below are links to OCR of example coursework:

Coursework 1:

LO3 – Design of hat 

LO4 – Financial work 

Example coursework to see how they are marked :

Coursework 2:

LO1 – Branding your hat

LO2 – Powerpoint

Example coursework to show how they are marked :

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