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European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages 26th September 2022

The Languages Department Treasure Hunt was one of two activities to promote European Day of Languages on the 26th of September.  Colourful posters were put up, question sheets distributed to students and answers were dispersed around the school for pupils to ‘hunt’.  The scene was set and on 26th September it began.  Pupils were allowed to work in pairs or individually to find out some facts about the achievements of some prominent Europeans as well as general knowledge about different European countries.  Prizes were awarded to recently to all participants.

To raise the profile of pupils in our school who speak a language other than English the Languages Department created a form time languages quiz.  Pupils were asked to volunteer to be recorded speaking in their first language to illustrate the richness and diversity that we have within our school.  Each form tutor was sent a copy of the recording and pupils were asked to identify the 10 languages they heard from the list of languages that form tutors had been given.  Some were easier than others, pupils were genuinely interested and surprised at the variety of languages spoken by pupils with their families.  Prizes were awarded to 7TMA who were the only form group to correctly guess all 10 languages in the quiz! Congratulations or ¡Felicidades! 7TMA!

¡Muchas gracias a todos for taking part in both activities and celebrating the wonder of languages!


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