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Duolingo Competition

During the lockdown period from 5th January to 9th March 2021, the Languages department ran a competition on the Duolingo app/website for all students who do Spanish with prizes for the top three and top ten and credits for the top 100.

This app helps with language learning and you gain XP (experience points) for each lesson you study. Each lesson is worth 10 XP. It is fun and has lots of ways to keep learners engaged. Those students who really engaged with this have shown tremendous INDEPENDENCE in their learning and we are so proud of them!

We had 356 students join the competition and we gave them weekly updates on progress and the leader board.

Trabajo fantástico y felicitaciones a:

  • 1st place: Owen Armstrong 18,659
  • 2nd place: Lottie Clarke 11,394
  • 3rd place: Kaan Ulgen 7,610

They are absolute Spanish superheroes! Those scores are fabulosos!

A huge “muy bien” to our longest standing Duolingo superstar:

James Pyle who has a 800 day + streak and has earned 30,611 XP since he began playing in year 7 which is a whopping 3000 + lessons he has studied!

Since 5th of January:

312 students earned points during the competition.

200 students earned over 100 XP and completed 10 lessons.

The top 100 earned over 350 XP, completing 35 lessons.

The top 50 doubled that earning 750 XP or more and completing 75 lessons.

The top 20 earned 1900 XP or more and completed over 190 lessons!

The top 10 earned over 3500 XP and completed over 350 lessons!

The top 3 earned over 7600 XP and completed over 760 lessons!

The winner earned 18,659 XP and completed a staggering 1,850 lessons!

Click on pdf to see top students scores!


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